About John Broman Grape City

1425488826_PictureJohn Broman began his teaching and administrative career at Grape City in 1971 as an English teacher with the organization’s sister company, MeySen Academy. Following his initial tenure with the Academy, Mr. Broman spent time as an English teacher at the Nanjing Foreign Language School in the 1980s and 1990s. In this position, he drew on his expertise as a fluent speaker of Chinese and Japanese as well as English. In 2009, John Broman returned to Grape City to direct the human resources department. In 2014, he took on additional responsibilities with the organization and became chairman of the MeySen Academy board of regents.

Outside of his work with Grape City and the MeySen Academy, John Broman supports a number of charitable organizations and causes with donations and his services. He was particularly active between 2011 and 2013 assisting with East Japan tsunami relief efforts. Mr. Broman took part in fundraising campaigns, made direct deliveries to front-line volunteers, served as a guide for visitors to different disaster sites, and wrote a number of articles detailing the experiences of volunteer workers and local citizens.


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